Blocking Esther

No, I don’t mean literally block Esther so there is no show, but rather Blocking is a theatre term whereby the performers are given specific instructions on movement and positioning on stage to establish the performance in either a musical, play, opera, or film. Blocking historically began in the 19th century by directors using small-scaled models with items representing the performers. Today with technology, we are able to use slides on huge screens to show the cast their positions on stage.

Yes, we are beginning to put the pieces together tomorrow Saturday February 11, 2012 at rehearsal and a time of great excitement as we begin to see the show go from pages to life. The show begins to come to life when positioning of each performer takes place.

We are blocking the opening number, which will be one of the most difficult due to the amount of performers on stage that could otherwise seem chaotic. This creates a world of fun when a large number of performers are on stage learning where in the world to go. During this time, the assistant director and stage manager takes notes to ensure new developments are recorded within the blocking.

We look forward to an awesome rehearsal and a load of laughs while everyone is getting their directions on stage, meaning, upstage, downstage, stage right, or stage left. Everybody get on board because the train is moving and moving fast.

Until the Next Time,

Daniel and The Greater Works Productions Team


3 comments on “Blocking Esther

  1. Great Work You guys, I sense great anticipation and excitement for the show. Blessings!

  2. sheddaway1 says:

    Amazing how God will help you squeeze everyone in.

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