A Rockin’ Royal Christmas


It was a close call as whether we would be able to follow through on our performance of “A Rockin’ Royal Christmas” musical. I say follow through because of the major blow Long Island had received from Hurricane Sandy. I am to announce that this weekend we are performing the show. We are looking forward to a packed house with great music, scenery, and amazing young performers.

The show could not have come at a better time because we are using the show as a tool to raise money for the local food pantry at The East Rockaway Nazarene Church. The food pantry has served countless mouths through these difficult times. In addition, the church became a Relief Center in way of clothing, food, water, blankets, and a storage trailer loaded with toys for children who will be without this Christmas.

We are looking forward to a great show this weekend Saturday December 8th at 7pm and Sunday December 9th at 4pm. In addition, we are taking food donations at the show. You can help by bringing some groceries to the show and we will be sure that the food pantry is replenished that families who are going through very difficult times receive food for their tables.

We thank all of you again for all of your support and I know you will not be disappointed by our upcoming production of “A Rockin’ Royal Christmas”.

Until the Next Time,

Daniel and The Greater Works Team

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Until the Next Time,

Daniel and The Greater Works Team

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Meet A Rockin’ Soloist

We are so excited about every individual in the production of “A Rokin Royal Christmas” composed by Celeste Cyldesdale and David T. Clydesdale. I will be highlighting a different cast and creative team member until show time. Meet Valerie Desrosiers performing as Soloist.

Valerie performs as soloist and dancer in “A Rockin’ Royal Christmas”. In addition, she has performed in “The Little Mermaid” and is part of the East Rockaway Nazarene Church dance group, which performs various dance selections.

Valerie loves to sing, dance, act, and her goal is to become a professional in the performing arts. She loves reading, composing songs, choreography, and writing original stories during her spare time.

Her favorite quote, “Today is just another day of life and life will get better as it goes on.”

We are so proud of Valerie’s part in “A Rockin’ Royal Christmas” and dedication to the arts. She is a great asset to the cast and we are glad to have her in the show. We look forward to seeing her perform in the show.

Until the Next Time,

Daniel and The Greater Works Team

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Meet Our Rockin’ Lead Soloist

We are excited to announce our lead soloist of “A Rockin Royal Christmas, Brooke Newby. She is leading the cast and lighting up the town of Bethlehem with her beautiful voice. Brooke has performed in “Esther the Musical”, dances with “Just for Kicks School of Dance”, and is a Saxophonist in the “West School Band”. Brooke has been studying voice at The School of Singing for over a year and is a force to be reckoned with when on the stage. In addition to her already talented list, she is a 2nd degree black belt with quite a few awards under her belt. She co-founded the “Clean Beach Club of Lido” www.cbcolido.com. Brooke has aspirations to be on Broadway of which we have no doubt will happen. We look forward to seeing and hearing her back in action in “A Rockin Royal Christmas”.

Until the next time,

Daniel and the Greater Works Productions Team

Shhhhh Meet the Librairan

We are excited to announce the grand master shusher herself, Coral Newby performing the role of the librarian, a proper, uptight young librarian who tries to keep order in the Bethlehem. When she speaks not only does everyone gets hushed, they listen. Coral has performed in “Esther the Musical” and “The Phantom of the Opera”. Coral loves to act, dance, and plays in the Kellenberg Centurion Band as trumpet player. If she does not get first time obedience on shushing, then she is a fully equipped 2nd degree black belt ready for action. In addition, she founded the “Clean Beach Club of Lido” www.cbcolido.com. We look forward to seeing her back in action in “A Rockin Royal Christmas”.

Meet The Storyteller

We are excited to announce the chronicler of events herself, Sarah Elizabeth Holmes in the role of The Storyteller in our production of “A Rockin Royal Christmas”. Sarah performs the role of the Storyteller as a modern-day charming, witty, and thought-provoking girl. She leads the cast and audience on this journey back in time. In addition, who else is going to keep Sherlock in line? Additional roles Sarah performed include “Sarah’s Christmas Donkey” as Sarah the title role, “The Christmas Guest” as Frau Dibble, and “The Real Happily Ever After” as Prunella with Joyful Noise Choir. We are excited to have Sarah for the first time with Greater Works Productions.

Until the Next Time,

Dnaiel and The Greater Works Productions Team

Meet Sherlock Watson

We are excited to announce the mystery man himself, Michael Goldsmith in the title role of Sherlock Watson in a “Rockin Royal Christmas”. Elementary my dear Watson, Elementary. Sherlock Watson, the eager, young investigator hired by Herod to find out why the wise men never returned and where King Jesus is. Michael has performed in “Esther the Musical” as Hegai, “The Sound of Music” as Kurt Von Trapp, and various roles in “The Wizard of Oz”, and “Crazy for You”. Michael enjoys playing Football, Basketball, and Song Writing. We are honored once again to have Michael a part of our production.

Until the Next Time,

Daniel and The Greater Works Productions Team